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ANDRÆ - "Will you be my painkiller?"

Introducing ANDRÆ, ANDRÆ's latest single, "Will you be my painkiller?", is a captivating exploration of toxic behaviors surrounding love. With a more electronic feel, the track features a chorus that creates an intense but short rush of endorphins. ANDRÆ's soulful vocals and dark electronic and organic sounds perfectly encapsulate the track's subject matter.

Born in Brussels and currently based in London, ANDRÆ is an independent one-man band who writes, produces, and performs every song himself. He began to show a natural talent for all kinds of artistic disciplines, especially visual arts, as a way of escaping a world that seemed inadequate. Inspired by soul and jazz singers like Jimmy Scott and Nina Simone, ANDRÆ also finds inspiration in experimental pop/R&B artists like James Blake and serpentwithfeet.

ANDRÆ's music has already garnered attention from the likes of BBC 6 Introducing, where his second single, "52 hertz", was played by Tom Robinson. His self-made EP, "I don't fall, I crash", was released in November 2020, and his upcoming projects include another EP and its first single, "Arrows". With his unique blend of genres and thought-provoking lyrics, ANDRÆ is definitely a musician to watch in 2023.

We think "Will you be my painkiller?" is a powerful second single from ANDRÆ, showcasing his musical talents and artistic vision. The track's exploration of toxic love behaviors and its electronic soundscape make it a standout addition to any playlist.


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