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Anatole Muster x Çağrı Sertel x Andris Mattson - "Cable Car"

"Cable Car" is a smooth, jazzy track that showcases the musicianship of Anatole Muster, Çağrı Sertel, and Andris Mattson. Muster's accordion playing is particularly noteworthy, adding a unique element to the track. The keys from Sertel and the production from Mattson complement the accordion perfectly, creating a cohesive and enjoyable listening experience.

The song's title, "Cable Car," adds a nice touch of nostalgia, evoking images of old-timey San Francisco and the iconic cable cars that have been a staple of the city for over 150 years. The jazzy, laid-back vibe of the song is perfect for a leisurely ride on one of these historic vehicles, providing the perfect soundtrack to a sunny afternoon in the city.

Overall, "Cable Car" is a delightful and enjoyable track from Anatole Muster, Çağrı Sertel, and Andris Mattson. Its unique instrumentation and smooth, jazzy sound make it a standout track on the "In The Loop" compilation and a must-listen for fans of jazzy, instrumental music.


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