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Amor Experientia - "God Give Me Feeling"

If you're looking for something moody, experimental, and unique in the electronic music scene, look no further than Amor Experientia's latest release, "God Give Me Feeling". This track is a perfect blend of experimental electronic and alt-pop sounds, with smooth female vocals adding a layer of depth and emotion to the composition.

The track's moods of moody, happy, and experimental are all present throughout the composition, showcasing Amor Experientia's versatility as a music producer. "God Give Me Feeling" is a track that's both raw and subtle, with energy that builds up slowly and explodes in a way that's both expressive and powerful.

One of the standout parts of the track is the outro at 2:05, which is the artist's favorite part as well. It's a perfect example of how the track's energy builds up and then explodes in a way that's both unexpected and satisfying.

Amor Experientia has recently released "bloom", which was their version of a pop record. Going forward, they plan to make a genre-bending synth-pop, orchestral, and jazz album, as well as a rap album. This showcases their ambition as an artist and their willingness to push the boundaries of what's possible with electronic music.

The smooth female vocals on "God Give Me Feeling" add an extra layer of emotion to the composition, elevating the track to a whole new level. They perfectly complement the moody and experimental soundscape, creating a track that's both hauntingly beautiful and deeply moving.

Overall, "God Give Me Feeling" is an impressive track that showcases Amor Experientia's skills and creativity as a music producer. If you're a fan of experimental electronic music or alt-pop, this track is definitely worth checking out. We can't wait to see what Amor Experientia comes up with next!


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