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Amfree x Stefane - "Passion"

Amfree is one of the most successful DJs & producers of the last year with almost 800,000 monthly listeners on Spotify. He had his breakthrough in summer 2020 with the successful Dance Cover of the 90s hit "Boom Boom Boom Boom" (a collab with Lizot and Ampris) with currently over 26 Mio streams on Spotify! Now he has teamed up with Stefane, (several number 1 hits on Beatport together with the female singer Lookee). Together they worked on the Italo-House classic “Passion” and created a NuDisco hit. Determind it will find not only fans on the streaming portals - above all it will be a sure shot for all Djs on the Big-Room and House floors. The single starts off with a Georgio Morordor esq bass going on driving the single into fruition. After the drums come in, the vocals come in as suspected and wanted with the smooth cadence and delivery on the track. Stefane defintely delivers as support for Amfree's production here. The writing is up to par with the singles of the 70's through 80's here. If you told us that the single was made in 1985 we would've believed you if we didnt see the release date ourselves. Listen below to see what we're talking about below.


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