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Amaru Cloud x Tyler River Introducing An Amazing Track With "La Costa"

Introducing a latin experience with an amazing track "La Costa" with Amaru Cloud and Tyler River. Amaru Cloud was born in the Queens and is from Brooklyn, while growing up Amaru always knew he wanted to create music as well as music a lot of people can enjoy and relate to. During his early stages of being apart of the industry he made his first television appearance on an episode of NBC Dateline: Discrimination and after he starting associating with Republic Records stars Kalin and Myles as he performed with the duo in front of a sold out crowd of 600 people at webster hall. It also features Tyler River who's a young innovative influencer/artist from New Jersey who started his journey at a young age, in 2012 his career was influenced when Taylor Swift had reposted one of his videos from vine. Which had given him the push to continue on producing more content and videos that allowed further engagement with his audience.

Following their newest release "La Costa" they both collaborated together to create one exceptional track. Starting the track with a bachata beat leading onto an impressive switch onto a upbeat flow leading onto their great vocals. I really enjoy the style of this track, it projects an energy that get's you up your feet and jam out. One listen just wouldn't be enough, you just wouldn't be satisfied it has that interesting sound that just makes you want to listen to more. To explain this track a bit further it's mainly about just having fun and enjoying time, It explains trying to get a certain girl and having fun. It a great track to go check out that is filled with amazing sounds. Go Stream "La Costa"



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