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Alyssa & Gia - "Not For Me"

Introducing Alyssa & Gia with the latest single "Not For Me". The musicians really premiere that teamwork is what makes the dreamwork. With proof which is this single we can absolutely say that confidently. Alyssa & Gia have been besties since they were babies: From the same school and first parties all the way to teenage heartbreaks. Today, they’re here to share their story of friendship, love and radical optimism – because they always had each other’s back. Through tough times and fun times, when hitting rock bottom and getting back up. The musicians cant do it themselves so they team up to create something better, togetherness creates this type of a single which is simply a blast. The vocals are simply amazing we think and we can really feel the connection between the pair of musicians here. Listen below for yourself to see what we mean.


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