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Almire x Will Cherry - "Who knows ?"

Almire and Will Cherry have come together to deliver a captivating blend of contemporary R&B, rap, and alternative hip-hop. Their first single, which serves as a glimpse into their upcoming album, sets a dark, moody, and energetic tone. While not much is known about these artists, their lyricism evokes memories of Kendrick Lamar, while the singer's style is reminiscent of PartyNextDoor. Although we lack detailed information about the musicians themselves, the single stands out as an R&B banger that carries the elasticity of a Drake track, seamlessly intertwining singing and rapping.

Listeners will find themselves drawn to the infectious beats and captivating melodies that Almire and Will Cherry have crafted. The combination of their distinctive styles results in a track that showcases their talent and versatility. Drawing inspiration from established artists in the industry, Almire and Will Cherry infuse their own unique flair into their music, creating an intriguing blend of genres.

As we eagerly anticipate the release of their upcoming album, it's clear that Almire and Will Cherry possess a passion for their craft. While the artists themselves may remain shrouded in mystery, their music speaks volumes, offering a glimpse into their artistic vision and creative prowess. With the single's mix of R&B, rap, and alternative hip-hop elements, fans of these genres can expect an exciting and dynamic album that pushes boundaries and captivates listeners with its dark, moody, and energetic moods. Listen below now!


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