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Ally Nicholas With Her Soothing Track "Feels Like Dying"

Introducing upcoming artist Ally Nicholas who is a Chicago native and a 22-year-old alternative artist who bounds to take your breath away with her unique, pitch perfect vocals. Being currently based in Los Angeles, Nicholas’ journey has not been an easy one. Moving out to the Suburbs to attend private Catholic school, she lived most of teen years with a sense of disassociation, never feeling like she meshed well with the “preppiness” of her country club peers. Being a fan of bands like Slipknot, Korn, Alice In Chains, and My Chemical Romance, her innate darkness stood out amongst the vibrant polo t-shirts and mini skirts of the North Shore. Nicholas never cared much about trying to fit in. Dropping out of NYU after freshman year, Nicholas couch surfed around New York until she found her place at home at an indie studio, Engine Room. From there, she started working toward her goal as a recording artist. In 2020, she acquired management and was linked with producers Peter Fenn and Val Fritz. In their first studio session, they recorded her debut track “Feels Like Dying”.

Following the release of her newest track "Feels Like Dying" she projects a very soothing sound that listeners would be instantly captivated. Starting the track with a slow melancholy beat leading onto her soft and capturing vocals. It truly an intoxicating feel that you can grasp from the track, having that sort of sad energy behind it is what really makes the track complete. To explain the track a bit further it's about an ode to the heartbroken. This song was written on Ally’s bedroom floor in a depressed, drunken, hollow blur. This record speaks to those who have experienced that special kind of heartbreak that suffocates you. That pain is one of the most traumatic and agonizing experiences, love, or lack thereof, has to offer. It makes you feel pathetic and helpless and maybe, even like you’re dying. Every emotion from that moment in time is stitched into the lines of this song. For those who have longed for a better place with a person they thought they once knew, this one’s for you. It's one beautiful track that will having you playing nonstop. Go stream 'Feels Like Dying"






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