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ALIX - “Why Don't You”

ALiX is a Italian band that has been making waves in the heavy rock and blues scene with their latest single, "Why Don't You." The track, which is taken from their forthcoming album "Last Dreamer" (Go Down Records 2022), is a powerful blend of psychedelia, stoner, garage, and psych-blues that is sure to impress fans of the genre.

Recorded and mixed by Luca Tacconi at "Sotto Il Mare Recordings Studios," with additional recording and mixing by Alice Albertazzi in Monte Donato, "Why Don't You" showcases the band's impressive musicianship and Alice Albertazzi's stunning vocals. Her lyrics, which were written by Albertazzi herself, are emotive and evocative, perfectly capturing the song's moody, introspective vibe.

But it's the song's production that truly sets it apart. Mastered by Max Paparella at "Groove Sound Design," "Why Don't You" has a polished, professional sound that is sure to impress. The attention to detail in the mixing and mastering is evident, and it really brings the song to life.

Overall, "Why Don't You" is a standout release from ALiX that showcases their talent as a band and their potential as a rising star in the heavy rock and blues world. Be sure to check out their forthcoming album "Last Dreamer," and keep an eye out for more from ALiX in the future.


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