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Alina Smith Introduces An Amazing Single With "Girl That Was Perfect"

Alina Smith is a self-taught engineer/producer and has been for the past 12+ years. Having grown up on classic pop, such as Michael Jackson, she’s always had natural top 40 tendencies. She specializes in cutting-edge instrumental pop production, as well as crisp pop vocal production. Having spent some time in Nashville, she’s also an accomplished topliner, as well as an aspiring author. Throughout her career she has also received credits such as Fallout Boy, Red Velvet, Kenzie, Kirstin Maldonado, several iTunes #1s and over 200M+ streams on all songs written and produced by her.

Introducing her first single "Girl That Was Perfect" a track written and produced entirely by her. "Girl That Was Perfect" explains a body-positive ode to Alina’s triumph over bulimia. The beginning of the track begins with a guitar melody leading onto her sweet and soft vocals. It's an empowering and confident track that really captures the essence of forgetting about all your insecurities and realizing you are the perfect girl. The explosive sound that you hear throughout the track express breaking free and realizing your true potential. One listen just wouldn't be enough to really capture the art behind her lyrics. It's truly an exceptional track and one that brings out inspiration. Go stream "Girl That Was Perfect"



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