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Alicia Salerno - "The Big Evil"

Alicia Salerno is an Argentinean musician who recently released her single "The Big Evil", a powerful and reflective piece of indietronica. The song is inspired by Salerno's experience of having a tonic clonic seizure, and conveys the anxiety, confusion, and vulnerability she felt in its aftermath. The song's hard-hitting drums and swells of strings add a physicality to the emotional turmoil she describes.

"The Big Evil" is a relatable song for anyone who has experienced a life-changing event, whether it be a seizure or something else. The title, which is the English translation of the French "Grand Mal" (a term historically used to describe tonic clonic seizures), adds a fitting and coincidental layer to the song's themes of struggle and overcoming adversity.

Salerno has been a musician for six years, and has worked as a singer, composer, actress, producer, and coordinator in various fields. She is influenced by a range of genres, including bolero, bossa nova, rock, urban, and R&B. Her solo project began in 2016 with her first demo, "Desperté". In 2021, she released her album "Salvar el recuerdo", which consists of nine songs that explore the depths of the mind and fantasy.

With "The Big Evil", Salerno continues to showcase her versatile and powerful voice, inviting listeners to confront their own struggles and to find the strength to overcome them.


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