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Welcoming Alexy Trip with their synth-driven masterpiece, "HARD TO SAY GOODBYE." This track is a time machine to an 80's gothic club, pulsating with energy and draped in shadowy allure.

Originating from the vibrant heart of Mexico City, Alexy Trip (Alejandro Arteaga) is a maestro of synthpop, synthwave, and gothic/dark wave. For the over all feel, Imagine a blend of Boy Harsher, Depeche Mode, and TR/ST, but layered with a unique identity that Alexy Trip masterfully crafts. On the vocals think John Maus but soaked in an emotional deluge - very wet, very raw. We think "HARD TO SAY GOODBYE" is a journey through a labyrinth of echo, noise, reverb, and analog synths, all wrapped in a cold wave and early-80s synth-pop influence. Alexy Trip is for sure sculpting an atmosphere, and building a world where every note resonates with his own personality. Listen now!


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