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alexmaax - "Openended"

Introducing LA-based artist Max Hershenow, under the moniker alexmaax, unveils the soul-stirring journey of "Openended." The track, also blending elements of Dance Pop and Indie Pop, is a poignant exploration of a close friendship dissolving amid the isolating backdrop of the pandemic. The single over all feels different, like it has Sam Smith and Hozier influence. The vocals as well have a sort of 80's punk feel to us.

Max Hershenow, known for his role as half of the acclaimed alt-pop duo MS MR, steps into a new era with his solo project alexmaax. "Openended" serves as a powerful introduction to this phase, delving into the complexities of heartbreak, self-reflection, and the ache of searching for meaning in the wake of a sudden separation. Describing the inspiration behind "Openended," Hershenow shares that the song emerged from the dissolution of a close friendship during the isolation of the pandemic. The emotional core of the track captures the deep heartbreak and introspection that followed as he grappled with the abrupt departure of a friend without a clear explanation. We think "Openended" does a great job at blending the moody and sexy feeling, encapsulating the tumultuous emotions that often accompany the end of significant relationships. The track weaves a sonic tapestry that mirrors the artist's quest for understanding in the face of unexpected change. Listen now!


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