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Alex Néva - "Playing With Fire"

Alex Néva's "Playing with Fire" is a melancholic electro pop/synthpop/alt-pop track that showcases the artist's lyrically driven artistry. The song talks about the emotional aftermath of holding onto someone who has abandoned you, and the pain that comes with it. The production is captivating, with intricate dark beats and delicate melodies that perfectly complement Alex's gentle voice.

Growing up in a small town in Norway with half Russian and half Greek descent, Alex found solace in music as an outlet for her emotions. Her experiences shaped her powerful lyrical skillset, which she uses to put words to her life experiences and emotions.

"Playing with Fire" is Alex's second single, following her debut release "Gone (are the days)" in September 2022. With its sad, chill, and moody moods, this track would be a perfect addition to any sad playlist. Fans of BANKS, Billie Eilish, and Tate McRae are sure to appreciate Alex Néva's artistry.


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