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Alex McArtor - "He Don't Like The Sun"

Introducing Alex McArtor with her latest single "He Don't Like The Sun" Alex McArtor is a 19-year-old singer-songwriter from Texas. In 2019 she released two debut EPs, Spoken Word and Heart Talk Vol. I, to critical acclaim. Her 2021 EP release Welcome to the Wasteland "represents her most symphonic and expansive work yet"...Under the Radar. The song is about being trapped within your mind and someone else's. It’s about playing with control. It explores the crossroads between love, heartbreak and psychedelics. The single is very reminiscent to Lana Del Rey in the sense that it is very much like the sounds of the 60's with the modulation on the guitar to deliver a nice loop and vintage feeling. The vocalist does absolutele wonder up until the point where it gets darker and you hear her vocals even more, then back to the guitar but this time with the reese bass. Listen below.


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