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Alex Lightspeed - “Turbo Transistor” (feat. Nathan Whited)

"Alex Lightspeed's Latest Single "Turbo Transistor": A Masterful Blend of Synthwave and Retro Music

U.S. synthwave and EDM artist, Alex Lightspeed, has recently released his latest single "Turbo Transistor" (feat. Nathan Whited) from his upcoming album Crimson Sunset LP on Rosso Corsa Records. This album showcases Alex's masterful blend of vintage guitars, synths, and drums to produce unique and authentic outrun and retro music.

One of the most striking aspects of "Turbo Transistor" is the utilization of cassette and analog effects, heavy filters, and 3 guitars that gives the song a unique and authentic retro feel. The epic synthwave montage with guitar solos, adds to the song's dynamic sound and makes it stand out from other songs in the genre.

As a veteran of the PNW dance music scene, Alex Lightspeed has cemented his legacy as one of the most distinguished and authentic artists in decades. He is the owner of the renowned Portland live event company, Pulsar Productions, as well as co-owner of Badkill Records and Madchill Records. In addition, he runs a Youtube channel Lightspeed Fieros featuring his modifications and rebuilds of rad-era cars.

The Crimson Sunset LP is releasing on Synthwave Label Rosso Corsa Records, which is founded by veterans Lazerhawk and Miami Nights 1984 who pioneered the sound of the genre. Alex is also touring with his "Most Excellent Band" which includes Keytarist Gabriele Tam of "The Neon Syndicate" from Italy, Lead Guitarist and Engineer Nathan Whited of "The New Jangles", and vocal accompaniment by Siren☆Nephilim.

Furthermore, Alex started label Badkill Records in 2019 with partner Todd Daggett and they have over 100 releases since its inception. This shows the dedication and passion that Alex has for his craft and the synthwave genre.

In conclusion, Alex Lightspeed's latest single "Turbo Transistor" is a masterful blend of synthwave and retro music that showcases his unique style and talent. With its authentic retro feel, dynamic sound, and retro feel, it is a song that is definitely worth checking out for any synthwave music lover looking for something new and different. The upcoming album Crimson Sunset LP is also a must-listen for any fan of the genre."


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