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Alex Alan Introduces An Inspirational Track With "One Shot"

Alex Alan is an upcoming artist who has always been inspired in making music ever since a young kid. Being a singer, songwriter and producer Alex takes time in perfecting his craft over the years, while still producing exceptional tracks. Having a fresh take on Alternative Pop he tends to create upbeat and fun tracks that are always great to hear, while still remaining true to his morals. His catchy hooks and independent flows are sure to keep your ears begging for more. Following his newest single "One Shot" Alex creates a capturing track while still providing a vibrant feel when you first listen. Starting with a dreamy and flourishing beat he catches your attention instantly leading onto his bold and bright vocals. This track projects a feeling of just trying your best whenever you have the opportunity and making that "One Shot" count. To continue, you could also view this as a bright and fulfilling track of just having that boost of being motivated and beginning your day. It projects the essence of feeling good by doing something your passionate about during this life since you only get "One Shot". It's a beautiful track explaining it's okay to do what you love and never giving up. Go stream "One Shot"



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