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Alessiah - "Matching Hearts"

Alessiah is a name to watch out for in the pop music scene. Despite being only 15 years old, she is already making waves with her debut single "Matching Hearts". Produced by top Romanian DJ and producer Manuel Riva, the song is a catchy and energetic dance-pop track that is sure to get people moving on the dancefloor.

With influences from some of the biggest names in pop music like Zara Larsson, Dua Lipa, and Anne Marie, Alessiah's music is commercial and appeals to a wide audience. Her sound is a mix of nostalgic and modern elements, with a focus on clean pop production and inspiring lyrics.

Alessiah's debut single "Matching Hearts" is a romantic and uplifting song that encourages listeners to embrace their feelings and go after what they want. The track is perfect for those looking for a new pop release or dance playlist addition.

As a young artist, Alessiah is just getting started and is expected to release more dance tunes that will further establish her as a rising pop star. With her infectious energy and talent, it's only a matter of time before Alessiah takes the pop music scene by storm.


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