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AkZeNT - "ImTired"

Chicago's own AkZeNT has been making waves in the music scene with his recent self-titled vocal album. Born and raised in Guatemala, AkZeNT's diverse musical influences and style can be heard in his trap and hip-hop production, which incorporates elements of boom-bap hip-hop, classical music, drum n' bass, reggaeton, gospel, and even anime and videogame music. With over 6 years of producing bangers for other artists and over 100+ songs under his belt, AkZeNT has now taken his craft to the next level with the release of his debut album.

In this album, AkZeNT showcases his skills as a producer, artist, engineer, and songwriter by exploring a newfound love for recording vocals over his instrumentals. The 17 tracks of the album are divided into 3 acts and cover a range of topics, from love and life to social and political issues. The songs are characterized by AkZeNT's whimsical songwriting style, eery vocalization, and heavy bass that bring his lyrics to life.

The word "AkZeNT" is derived from the word "accent" and is pronounced the same way. The alternate spelling and use of upper and lower case letters is a deliberate choice for aesthetic purposes. The self-titled album is a testament to AkZeNT's passion for music and his vision for the world he wants to create through his music.

AkZeNT's "ImTired" is the latest single from his self-titled album, and it's a showcase of his vocal and production skills. The eery vocalization and heavy bass complement the lyrics, creating an emotional and immersive experience for the listener. A music video and Spotify-targeted advertising will follow the release of the song.

In conclusion, AkZeNT's self-titled album is a must-listen for fans of trap and hip-hop music. With its diverse sound and imaginative songwriting, AkZeNT has created a world of his own, and we can't wait to see what he comes up with next.


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