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Aku The Master - "Drown"

Welcoming Aku The Master with his poignant new single "Drown," a track that delves deep into the realms of cloud hop and emo hip-hop, but really reminiscent to the underground sound like Bones. Hailing from El Paso, Texas, Aku The Master brings to the table a raw and passionate style of alternative hip-hop, imbued with sadness, darkness, and a moody atmosphere.

"Drown" is a song that resonates with the emotional depth and lyrical flow reminiscent of Juice WRLD. It's a deeply emotional and powerful track about the difficult journey of letting go of someone toxic, a theme that many can relate to. The song encapsulates the intense feelings of sadness and the tumultuous process of moving on from a relationship that, while once significant, has become detrimental. For fans of cloud hop, emo hip-hop, and alternative hip-hop, "Drown" is a must-listen. Aku The Master's talent shines through in this track, showcasing his ability to craft music that's not only relatable but also deeply moving we think, we can only hope the musician keeps grinding. Listen below.


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