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Ajgod x Rev.The Artist - "Body on Me", by Rev. The Artist

Introducing Ajgod and Rev.The Artist with "Body on Me", the track emerges as a highlight from "Many Hands Make Lightwork Vol. 1," an EP that showcases the creative chemistry between Rev. The Artist and the producer AjGod. The duo really make the track shine within the single, each displaying the best of their abilities. This track is a vibrant testament to the power of collaboration, blending the worlds of R&B with jazzy undertones and dance-pop energy.

In one hand Rev. The Artist brings a sound that is both classic and fresh, aligning with the Alternative and Indie R&B sensibilities that listeners crave. The mood is an irresistible mix of happiness, sensuality, and vitality, encapsulating a feeling that is as infectious as it is sophisticated. AjGod, hailing from Oakland, CA, steps in as the maestro behind the scenes, delivers production quality reminiscent of KAYTRANADA here. The track stands out for its uptempo beat that’s both warm and bouncy, inviting listeners to lose themselves in the rhythm and energy of the music. Listen below now.


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