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AJ Peoples - "A Lot of Noise"

Introducing AJ Peoples, a rising star in the hip-hop and conscious hip-hop scene, known for his old-school hip-hop style and mellow, chill moods. In his song "A Lot of Noise," AJ discusses the struggle of finding his own voice in a world that is constantly bombarding us with information and influence. As a producer, he draws inspiration from many East Coast influences, using samples and his own lyricism to paint a vivid picture for his audience.

Growing up in Southside Jamaica Queens, AJ has seen both sides of the coin and uses his versatile style of melodic verses and dynamic lyricism to pour himself into each and every word, creating a truly immersive experience for his listeners. His music is not just meant to be listened to, but to be felt and connected with on a deeper level. Through his art, AJ Peoples seeks to inspire and empower his fans to find their own voice in a world that can sometimes be overwhelming.


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