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Aisha J Introduces Her Nostalgic Track "Super Woman"

Introducing an amazing artist known as Aisha J born and bred in East London, Brit School grad Aisha J translates her youthful life through the refreshing soundtracks that are presented in a beautifully seductive symphony of R&B and soul, breaking the conventional boundaries of mainstream music with her unique alternative style. The 20-year-old artist manages to enthrall her audience with her powerfully rich vocals and move them with her raw and playful lyrics. While primarily maintaining a soulful sound, Aisha J explores various sub-genres from dark jazz to bedroom pop to create a welcoming atmosphere for her listeners to get lost in. Both Super Woman and her previous single Cool Girl will feature on her upcoming EP "day in the life", an indie-inspired, yet the soulful story of loneliness, self-acceptance, ego, and fear of the unknown. Aisha J explores her various feelings and expressions throughout the pandemic and how these have affected her so. Despite being a primarily R&B body of work, she incorporates a variety of genres, such as classic rock, blues, and jazz. Following the release of her newest single "Super Woman", she projects a very soothing track that will definitely intrigue your ears. Starting with dreamy instrumentation leading onto her sweet and soft vocals she completes the track fully. Explaining the single further it's a chill RnB ballad that explores the feeling of not knowing what's to come. It takes the first-person perspective of a conversation between friends, one of whom deems the other to be a "superwoman". To the vocals and production, this track will surely have a calming feeling while listening. Being just perfect for a day out on the beach or a late-night drive. Go stream "Super Woman".



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