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Ahzie Gives Us "Closure"

Introducing Ahzie, a young singer with potential, Influenced by the likes of Brandy, and Monica. The subject matter of her music is mainly about trials and tribulations and emotion.

Ahzie has an eclectic vibe which she uses as a tool to create a muse, which is her music. This allows her to focus and sing life through song. Inspired by the likes of Whitney Houston, Alicia Keys, Beyonce and Keyshia Cole further. She feels the greats who transverse the musical world before her. The production has a late night drive type of feeling at 3am, and sounds like what you'd hear on the radio during that time."Closure" has a music video that you just can't take you eyes off of, and again her voice is sounding very ready for whatever the next step her and her team have. Ahzie is mysterious, not knowing where she resides or much information of her young life there is definitely more to find out about her, and i'm here for it, take a listen to "Closure" now.



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