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Adult Swim Singles Presenting Alex Frankel "Still Got It" Remix By BREAKBOT

Both BreakBot and Alex Frankel are people we've been following for quite some time now, Alex has been on my radar for quite some time, ever since his release of "Negative Space" we've been following whatever he does and it was just exciting to stumble upon this remix here by Breakbot. With Breakbot along with everyone else we've been following since the release of "Baby I'm Yours". The remix is an Adult Swim Single of 2021 and it definitely sounds like something you would hear over a cool edit of mountains melting and revealing the "Adult Swim" insignia or something along those lines. The remix sounds like it has a flavor of Daft Punk in it with the bass and vocoder and dance piano curtesy of Breakbot If this doesn't get you moving then I'm not sure what will. Alex delivers here vocally with his range and high notes. The writing here also sounds like it has a lot of influence from the music of the past that you would hear at two o'clock in the morning in New York in the 70's. Take a listen below.


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