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Adria Kain - "Lost One"

Introducing Adria Kain with the latest single "Lost One" After years of watering and replanting her own personal seeds of success, all while maintaining a level of mystery and reticence on the surface, Adria Kain is now ready to rise and flourish into full bloom. Using the art of storytelling, Adria draws from her own reality, sharing moments of raw and honest lived experiences through soul - filled melodies and thought provoking lyricism. The single is very reminiscent from the Canadian duo Dvsn. The r&b influence is a live and flowing with a lot of essence here from the singer. It sounds like years of influence was embedded into the artists mental and now they are using it in full force delivering a real, legit single that sounds like its ready for anything... radio, yes, a television spot in one of the hottest shows in america like Euphoria, most likely. Listen below.


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