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Adesha x Vincent Kwok Introducing Their Funky Track "The Secret"

Introducing two interesting acts known as Adesha and Vincent Knwok once put together they captivate their listeners with such an amazing sound. Born in San Fran, raised in Oakland, Adesha has been singing all her life. From starring in plays and musicals since the age of 4, all through high school, to majoring in theater, the stage has been Adesha's home. She's opened for Case, Jazmine Sullivan, Carl Thomas, Anthony David and sang lead female vocals on a Billboard-charted song. Adesha has released several projects, including a few EPs and a full-length album entitled Giving Love a Try. Following the producer Vincent Kwok who was raised in Perth, Australia and breaking through as a top house music/ electronica producer, he's also a DJ in San Francisco. Capturing his inspirations one step at a time from an early age he began listening to Acid House and during this time he was completely immersed in the music of this genre. With their newest single "The Secret" both acts completely this track entirely. Starting the track with a funky instrumentation leading onto Adesha's sweet and soft vocals, this beat was meant for her completely. To explain the track a bit further it's about looking for the secret too long lasting relationships. This slightly disappoints in stating that there is really no secret at all, it's a choice. Being in a relationship for an amount of time, it really is up to the couple if there the right person or not it. It's truly a funky track that anyone could enjoy or relate too. Go stream "The Secret."



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