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Adan Diaz Introduces A Captivating Track With "girl at the skate park who smiled at me after i fell"

Introducing upcoming artist Adan Diaz who's a Chicago born,16 year old, Mexican American that projects a distinct sound when you listen to any of his tracks. This is an artist to definitely have your eyes on. Adan Diaz's third single "Girl at the Skatepark who smiled at me after i fell"comes via Godmode, the label whose wide-range of singular artists and alumni include JPEGMAFIA, Channel Tres, Shamir, Yaeji, LoveLeo, and Christian Leave. Following his newest release "Girl at the Skatepark who smiled at me after i fell" it's truly one captivating track starting with a melodic beat with guitar chords leading onto his soft and lovely vocals. This track sounds so genuine and pure it explains a story about a girl who he is interested in and find ways to gather her attention which is truly a romantic love story. . As well to an extent could be relatable at some point about wanting this certain person and figuring out ways to gather there attention."Girl at the Skatepark who smiled at me after i fell" is a woozy last-ditch love letter to the one who got away, with a haunting falsetto melody that recalls the shambling lo-fi grandeur of K Records. With this being Adan Diaz third single i honestly cannot wait to see what else he has in store but for the mean time go check out his other amazing tracks and go stream "Girl at the Skatepark".



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