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Activ8te - "Netrunner"

Introducing Activ8te with "Netrunner", a track that melds dance pop and new wave elements with a sprinkle of EDM. Crafted by Activ8te, the song bursts with an energetic yet happy mood that's sure to make it a hit on the dancefloor or during a late-night coding session. Featuring soothing female vocals layered over a futuristic, robotic beat, "Netrunner" is a paradox of relaxation and chaos. We think the single is a a storytelling experience. Set in a Cyberpunk world, the song delves deep into themes of social engineering, trust and deceit, love and manipulation. We think if you're a fan of artists like Tiësto, Zedd, or Kaskade, "Netrunner" will probbably make you feel something, It's a song that not only gets your feet moving but also engages your mind we think for sure. So whether you're looking to dance the night away or ponder the intricacies of a cybernetic world, Activ8te's "Netrunner" offers something for everyone. Listen below now.


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