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Acediac - "Cabo"

Acediac, the Cambridge, MA-based musical maestros, are turning heads with their latest offering, "Cabo." This Contemporary R&B/Dance Pop track is a departure from their IDM roots, showcasing their versatility in the music scene.

With "Cabo," Acediac explores a tangle of emotions - it's a musical confession of "cheating" on their audience by delving headfirst into the world of straight-ahead pop, while still harboring a love for their experimental beginnings. The result is a fascinating blend of beachy vibes and dark undertones, a mainstream record that's still tinged with those experimental leanings.

The genesis of "Cabo" began with a guitar hook crafted two years ago with a friend in Boston. From that single word, "Cabo," the entire creative process took off. Acediac seamlessly weaves together elements of electronic pop with a twist, drawing inspiration from a wide range of genres including dance music, ambient, jazz, soul, avant-garde, punk, and blues. Their music captures the essence of the city, the subtle murmurs that shape its rhythm.

If you're looking for music that makes you want to dance and also drift into a dreamy slumber, Acediac's "Cabo" is the perfect pick. With moods ranging from energetic to moody, it's a track that'll have you hooked from start to finish. Drawing comparisons to artists like Halsey and Kanye West, Acediac proves that they are carving a unique niche in the music industry, blending mainstream appeal with their eclectic sensibilities. "Cabo" is a testament to their musical evolution and a glimpse into the exciting directions they're headed in. Listen below.


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