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Ace Louie - No Signal

Upcoming artist Ace Louie is an amazing act that we just recently stumbled up. Born and raised in St. Louis, Ace Louie started his over ten-year career in the group Kinetix. That was until his best friend and group member Kyle Barnett (Saint Kip) fell victim to the St. Louis Fentanyl crisis in the form of a fake Percoset. Since then, Ace Louie says his music took a new direction. "I like to take his energy with me when I record. I put him in a lot of my material because of how deeply his loss affected me," he explains. "I want to make music for people who deal with self-doubt and those who feel like their voice isn't heard."With the release of his newest single "No Signal", he projects a booming sound that will definitely grasp your ears. Starting with upbeat instrumentation leading onto his sweet and catchy vocals he captures the song completely. It has a such nice twist that anyone would be able to enjoy. Being just perfect for a late-night drive or hanging out with some friends. Go stream "No Signal".


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