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Absofacto With His Outstanding Track Someone Else's Dream

Upcoming artist Absofacto is a solo project musician who is also known as Jonathan Visger. Throughout a immense handful of unique projects, Visger became apart of a band called Mason Proper of a Michigan indie rock scene and in 2008 he decided to record his own solo work under the name Absofacto introducing self-releasing singles, and Ep's via bandcamp and his own website. fusing amazing music, and often surrealistic strong songwriting that projects a strong emotional core. He started creating a stylistically fluid sound that had a mixture of bedroom pop, art rock and electronic music. His early catalog consisted of full-length releases titled Sinking Islands as well as a Loners Ep and lastly stand alone singles including "Dissolve" and "History Books".

Following his newest single "Someone Else's Dream" Absofacto once again executes a track so effortlessly. Beginning the track with a dreamy and upbeat track you instantly want to get a grasp of the full length track. The vocals throughout the track sound so secure of one self while having that dream-like tone to it. It's truly a capturing track that anyone would enjoy. To explain the track a little further it's about feeling literally trapped in someone else's dream, and wanting to break free and start doing your own thing even if it might possibly end in a disaster. It's truly a lovely that holds a story on it's own go check out "Someone Else's Dream' and his whole discography his music is amazing.





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