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Absinth3 With His Soothing Track "Wanting More"

Absinth3 is the pseudonym of 20 year old Ethan Gray. Hailing from Glasgow, Scotland, Ethan's adventure into music started from 7 years old when he began playing drums for his school band. Fast forward 7 years is when he first began writing and producing music. He released his debut synth pop album Retropolis in 2016 with tracks such as Firewall and Long Island reaching Spotify's New Music Friday and being featured on the Dr Disrespect Youtube Channel. In the fall of 2017, he released Wanting More along with his second album, Unstable which gained airplay from Triple J and was featured in many Short films around the US. Following the release of his single "Wanting More' he introduces such a soothing beat leading onto his capturing and luscious vocals, he projects just an amazing sound that'll it be irresistible to not listen to more. This track would be just perfect for a late night drive or just alone with your thoughts. To explain the track further it's a personal track about a dying relationship and the desperation of rekindling the love. Everyone has been there at some point wanting to fix things and finding ways on how to rekindle with the person you want the most. It truly one capturing track that's relatable and outstanding. Go stream "Wanting More".



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