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Abbey Rose - "That's Your Problem"

Introducing Abbey Rose with "That's Your Problem". Melbourne artist Abbey Rose is thrilled to announce the launch of her new single ‘That’s Your Problem’. Emerging with her first release since 2019, ‘That’s Your Problem’ is a crash course in knowing your worth while navigating relationships. It’s RnB-Pop with a rocky flair, soulful vocals with a cocky punch, and frank lyrics that take us straight to the point: know what you deserve, listen to your heart, and never settle for ‘just the scraps of love’. The artist delivers commercially and radio ready vocals on top of a funky feeling, guitar chord driven instrumental that feels reminiscent to doja cat and dua lipa. The vintage aim and feeling of the instrumental feels very balad like. The single feels a bit on the soft rock side of things. Listen below for yourself.


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