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Aarika With Her Booming Track "Uber Home Alone"

Singer-songwriter Aarika was raised in the suburbs of Minneapolis. The pop artist was introduced to a different genre of music while attending college parties. She saw how EDM dance music could fuel a crowd’s energy for the night. Inspired to create energetic pop music with a flair of a club atmosphere. She writes songs about raw emotions, mental health, and moments in her life. At age 19, after signing with a New York modeling agency, she decided instead to move to California to pursue music and establish herself as an independent artist. Aarika made her debut on KDWB iHeartRadio with her first single, Uber Home Alone, and released a music video by Brodsky Productions. Following the release of her newest single "Uber Home Alone" she projects a high energy track that will surely get you up your feet. Starting the track with slow but yet upbeat sound leading onto her soft and luscious vocals she completes the track entirely. Explaining the track further it's about feeling out of place, partying every night to just escape your thoughts but after the night ended you would uber home alone and go back to feeling alone and not having anyone by your side other than guys who wanted one night stands. This track is fully relatable to any girl who just feels out of place and not in the right state of mind, searching for clarity. The track would be perfect for a late night drive or just hanging out with some friends. Go stream "Uber Home Alone" and check out her discography which is filled with amazing tracks.



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