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A World Of Strangers - "When You Love Someone"

Step into the vibrant world of "When You Love Someone," the debut single by A World of Strangers. We think this Berlin-based synth-pop duo is dishing out pure '80s nostalgia, all while breathing fresh life into the synthwave and wave genres that sound influenced by artist of today we think.

Released as a nod to all things happy, energetic, and romantic, this track is like a neon-tinted time capsule if we had to put it into words. It's porpped up by shimmering synth stabs and a LinnDrum-inspired beat that immediately transport you back to the era of neon legwarmers and shoulder pads. Add in vocals reminiscent of the iconic Billy Idol, and you've got a powerhouse track that's both nostalgic and refreshingly modern.

A World of Strangers might be a new name on the scene, but they've made a strong impression with this debut. With their commitment to capturing the '80s essence in a bedroom studio, they show a meticulous attention to detail that you can hear in the nuances of the song. Although it's the duo's first public outing, it's far too well-crafted to be ignored, fueling speculations that this certainly won't be the last we hear from them perhaps.

Over all it's a journey back in time, a ride through emotions, and an electric dose of what makes synthwave so captivating. Listen below now.


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