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A.Tibbz With His Amazing Single "Faces"

A.Tibbz is a talented upcoming artist from Boston who's an R&B singer, songwriter and producer. Being born and raised in Stoughton, a small town right outside of Boston music has always been a special piece of A.TIBBZ’s life. With both his parents being DJ’s, he grew up around many different cultures, musical interests and ways of living. While taking piano lessons since the age of 6 and rapping since middle school, A.TIBBZ soon got into R&B. His music is strongly influenced by highly acclaimed 90’s legends, such as Brandy and Ginuwine, as well as 2000’s R&B stars, like Ja Rule and Ashanti. Typically making music that touches the soul A.Tibbz has a fun and different way of introducing various elements into his craft. He blends rap and soul together, documenting his life and relationship issues through his music.

Introducing his latest single "Faces" A.Tibbz fully captures the whole essence of this track projecting soft spoken vocals and a ingruing beat that just completes the whole sound. Being Produced by Toronto-based RO$EGOLD, the 90’s R&B-inspired beat of 'Faces' creates the perfect atmospheric sound for A.TIBBZ’s smoothing vocals and deeply personal spoken words. The track reflects the frustration of an assumed and genuine connection, getting confused and cloudy. To further explain what this track is about A,Tibbz goes into depth saying "it's about a situation with a significant other where you have a natural connection, you feel like you are in the moment, you all are on the same wave and that person gets in their head about it and overthinks a lot and doesn’t move naturally with it. It represents that emotion of frustration of knowing that you have something that is real, but it is not clicking cause there is a lot of noise going on. I feel like that happens a lot when people have a spark.” Make sure to go check out this fantastic track.



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