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A Fight For Justice, $hy Money Let's It All Out In His Single "Ascendancy"

$hy Money is an artist from Raleigh, Nc who typically focuses on Hip Hop. He discovered his passion of music at the age of 7 and has continued on creating his craft. Growing up he was influenced with artists such as Meek Mill, Lil Wayne, and Jay Z, and other genres that have shaped him into the artists he is today. $hy has a very influential and unique way of displaying his music, speaking from life experiences and being genuine to himself is what makes his music so real & pure.

As many know there's been an issue that needs more light shine on and $hy Money does just that with this astounding track "Ascendancy". If you don't what Ascendency means it's the occupation of a position of dominant power or influence and that's exactly what he displays throughout the track. $hy Money makes a perfect statement throughout his track, speaking on topics regarding police brutality, the power of protest, and the justice we need for George Floyd.

The music video is so beautifully made, displaying the horrible truth of police brutality and protests he has participated in. $hy Money speaks nothing but truth in this track and that's why it's so genuine to me. It captures the whole essence on portraying an issue that shouldn't be happening and that needs to change. $hy Money has many other tracks that you should definitely check out, but this is certainly a must it speaks truth, inspiration, and ingenuity.






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