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Alice Aera - "You and I"

Introducing Alice Aera and Majo as they release the enchanting R&B single "You and I" under the BSTL label. This compelling track, nestled within the realms of Neo-Soul, Contemporary R&B, and Adult Contemporary, serves as a testament to the depth and beauty of love. As the smooth and strong production envelops the listener, "You and I" becomes a journey into the intricate tapestry of emotions that define love. Alice Aera's warm vocals, delivered with a relaxing and controlled touch, shyly dance across the track, adding a layer of intimacy to the narrative. We really think the echoes of Snoh Aalegra are unmistakable in this musical composition, the influence is strong and great we think big time. With a relaxing delivery and a jazzy feel in the background, "You and I" draws parallels to the soulful stylings of Snoh Aalegra. Alice Aera's ability to infuse the track with a similar emotive depth is a testament to her artistry and understanding of the genre. Listen below now and relax!


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