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815 - "On the Low"

815 is a young and up-and-coming rapper who is quickly making a name for himself in the music world. His latest single, "On the Low," is a catchy and infectious track that perfectly captures the feeling of late night in the city.

In "On the Low," 815 describes the experience of cruising down the highway, the lights hitting just right and the music blasting through the speakers. It's a song that is meant to be played with a blunt in hand, reminiscing on the summer and fall nights that have passed.

Despite the fact that 815 is still relatively underground, his music has a certain energy and vibrancy that is impossible to ignore. He has a unique style and a fresh, youthful perspective that sets him apart from other rap artists. His music is full of energy and life, and it's the perfect soundtrack for a late night adventure.

If you're a fan of rap music and you're looking for an artist who has a fresh, youthful energy, then you need to check out 815 and his latest single "On the Low." This is an artist who is definitely one to watch.


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