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815 - "Fell In Love"

Introducing "Fell In Love" by 815, the lead single from the captivating EP "whatever it was". Released by NoXvita, this track is a contemporary R&B masterpiece, drawing parallels with artists like Bryson Tiller, PARTYNEXTDOOR, 6LACK, Ryan Trey, and Yo Trane. "Fell In Love" is a wavy, soul-stirring anthem about the exhilarating experience of falling in love. It showcases 815's unique style, blending the emotional depth of R&B with a modern, edgy vibe we think personally. The single hits in all the right places and is really reminiscent to the r&b kings, making it feel like he's next in line. This Illinois Artist/Engineer has been crafting his distinct sound, representing the 815 area code with pride. 815's signature style, characterized by darker and down vocals with intricate flows, creates an immersive audio experience. "Fell In Love" is something that will resonate with the heart and soul. As 815 continues to rise in the music scene, his tracks offer a unique and captivating escape for listeners worldwide.

Don't miss out on this extraordinary track from an artist who is redefining the boundaries of contemporary R&B. Listen to "Fell In Love" now and immerse yourself in the world of 815. Listen below now!


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