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4ra 4ra - "you look lonely / A.I. Dark Love" - Instrumental Version

Introducing 4ra 4ra with "A.I. Dark Love - Instrumental Version," the single is straight up an electrifying track that really delves into the futuristic world of cyberpunk and darksynth we think. For the lovers of Y2K gamecore and 2000s video game music, this piece is a perfect backdrop for those with a penchant for nerdy clubbing scenes and nostalgic digital realms for sure, the musician hits the nail right on the head. From the very beginning, "A.I. Dark Love" captures your attention with its first drop, showcasing a mastery in electronic music production. The track doesn't linger in one sonic space for too long, taking the listener to a sound-designed break at 0:55 that's as intricate as it is innovative. At 1:38, a witchy type of scream sound design element cuts through the mix truly giving it that club feeling, really creating a moment of extremely high intensity that also sort of mirrors the emotional peaks you could might find in an anime soundtrack, like your favorite character fighting and winning against evil almost, we think that's a testament to the song's dramatic flair and narrative depth. Listen below now.


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