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4ra 4ra - "Antagonist-chan"

Welcoming 4ra 4ra and their electrifying track "Antagonist-chan," a standout addition to the gothic and dark wave music scene. This song is a high-energy, aggressive, and dark journey into the world of electronic music, drawing inspiration from the realms of anime and cyber culture. "Antagonist-chan" is a brilliant example of the Cyberphonk genre, a fusion of electronic, metal, and Phonk melody, all wrapped in a cyberpunk aesthetic we think here in a great way. The track features GrimesAI vocals, soft yet powerful, layered with chorus effects that add a haunting quality. The beat, reminiscent of Deadmau5's work, drives the song with relentless energy, creating a sound that's both futuristic and deeply rooted in the dark wave tradition. What sets "Antagonist-chan" apart is its inspiration from anime villain soundtracks. The song captures the essence of these characters, their complexity, madness, and the dystopian worlds they inhabit. The use of electrometal with the guitars in the track mixed with Phonk melody creates a unique sound that's both hardhitting and melodic. The music multiverse of 4ra 4ra is fueled by games, anime, insane characters, and cyber culture, and this influence is evident in "Antagonist-chan." The industrial sounding basses simulate a dystopian sci-fi atmosphere, creating a backdrop for the fine vocals that contrast beautifully with the hard synthesizers. The epic ending of the track features a sampled Prelude and Fugue, adding a classical twist to this modern masterpiece. Listen to see what we mean now.


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