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2wiin Kingz - "It Depends (On how you feel)"

Introducing the 2wiin Kingz with their latest hit, "It Depends (On how you feel)". This dynamic duo, already making waves with a feature in other magazines and blogs alike, is all set to take the world by storm with their polished and powerful sound.

Blending genres like Rap, Gangsta Rap, and Alternative Hip-Hop, "It Depends" is a vibrant mix of happy, epic, and energetic moods. It personally gives off that old school Boom Bap feel but with a newer flavor. Fans of Benny The Butcher, Conway the Machine, Westside Gunn, and 38 Spesh are in for a treat, as 2wiin Kingz bring their unique flavor to the table.

Hailing from the heart of Flatbush, Brooklyn, 2wiin Kingz isn't just another rap duo. They are a lyrical force to be reckoned with, born from a fateful encounter at a cipher in Soundview Park, Bronx, back in summer 2000. Within this single that are simply poets over a thicker beat that knocks the socks off of whatever you're listening through, be it car speakers or headphones. The thickness is something that gives it that extra feeling that is undescrible, like you can't mess with this duo. In 2000 though, That time marked the beginning of a journey destined for greatness. We think the style isn't stuck on rap necessarily, it's an artistic fusion of relentless punchlines, intricate rhyme schemes, and stories that dive deep into the listener's psyche. Each verse from 2wiin Kingz is like a brushstroke on the canvas of hip-hop, leaving fans hooked and hungry for more. We think hese artists are sound architects, carefully constructing each project with a surgeon's precision. Their tracklists and song titles are meticulously curated, each a thread in the larger tapestry of their musical saga. Listen now.


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