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1st Base Runner - “Night Stalker”

Austin-based producer and multi-instrumentalist Tim Husmann, better known as 1st Base Runner, has returned with his 5th EP "Night Stalker". Following a string of 4 successful EP releases, 1st Base Runner has created his darkest and most cinematic work yet with "Night Stalker".

Featuring ambient and experimental sounds, "Night Stalker" is a spine-chilling collection of tracks that showcases 1st Base Runner's ability to craft tension and release in his music. As a concept EP, "Night Stalker" stands out as a bold and unapologetic release that is sure to appeal to fans of electronic music.

The accompanying music video, directed by industry veteran Dilly Gent of Son&Heir Productions, is a haunting visual companion to the EP. With its simple but effective delivery, the video perfectly captures the mood and atmosphere of "Night Stalker".

1st Base Runner continues to push the boundaries of electronic music with each release, and "Night Stalker" is no exception. If you're a fan of ambient and experimental music, be sure to check out "Night Stalker" and follow 1st Base Runner on his artistic journey. Vinyl copies of the EP will be available soon.


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