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"131" By Safari Room

Safari Room is an indie rock band that we just stumbled across paths with, they first started in Nashville, TN. The band is characterized by ambient soundscapes (with this song it was almost nirvanna like), intricate rhythms from the drummer, crunchy guitars and introspective lyrics from the falsetto vocal lead singer. Touring the U.S. far and wide, Safari Room has established themselves as one of Nashville’s most intriguing and personal rock bands. Safari Room’s sound has been compared to The National, Death Cab for Cutie, Grizzly Bear and Fleet Foxes. All comparisons find them perfectly adjacent to some of the most engrossing and experimental indie rock bands playing today. Their new single "131" starts with an abrupt crash, lush guitars that are there to comfort you (Chris Collier) and solid drums (Austin Drewry). Their latest single comprises of the lead singer (Alec Koukol) trying give his all into a relationship and it still going "down into flames". I liked this because you could hear the "Nashville" in the band, but you could also hear "Washington"or northern like influences. Take a listen!



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