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1 Alone - "Bravery"

While not much is known about the artist, we felt the need to write and share their latest single. 1 Alone is a new artist on our radar that has a bit of mystery tied to him. We recently stumbled on the single "Bravery" and felt emotionally attaached from the get go, right as soon as we pressed play in a matter of fact. When we then heard the artists loud, and proud vocals it only confirmed to us that we were in for a treat. The single has lyrics about being a lone wolf in ways of the artist describing in the single. 1 Alone mentions of waiting for someone to save him, but by now he knows that no one won't and he's in the game for himself. The artist is brave and potrays that in the single, we imagine a crowd going bonkers, absolutely insane to the lyrics, repeating what hes saying live. Listen below to see what we mean and turn up.


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