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0sb0rne - "rain after summer"

Introducing "rain after summer" by 0sb0rne, the standout first single from his debut album "Know Me." Released under 0sb0rne Records, this track is a mesmerizing blend of Cloud Hop, Emo Hip-Hop, and Trap, creating a dark, chill, and moody atmosphere. With almost 400k plays already, it's clear that "rain after summer" is resonating with listeners worldwide. What sets 0sb0rne apart is his husky yet mellow vocals that effortlessly flow over the soulful instrumentals, bringing raw emotion to the forefront of his music. His melodies are introspective and somber, yet strikingly captivating, making for an intimately immersive listening experience. 0sb0rne's music connects with audiences on a deep level, addressing universal themes of love, heartbreak, and the myriad emotions in between. His nine-track EP, "Know Me," is a bold expression of these themes, with 0sb0rne wearing his heart on his sleeve throughout the album. The single "rain after summer" reminds us personally to the likes of Lil Skies, particularly in its melodic rap style and the effective use of autotune. If you're a fan of music that blends melodic rap with deep, emotive storytelling, this track is a must-listen. Best regards from team 0sb0rne, and listen now.


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