• ana

Ūla With Her Dreamy Track "Futon"

Introducing upcoming artist Ūla she is a Sydney-based singer who had done an impressive track with her latest single "Futon". Ūla has been known to upload cover version songs on her TikTok that have nearly helped her amassed over 300,000 followers, with this approach she has been starting to release tracks on her own and has also lead her to be apart of The Voice Australia soon after. Which it's safe to say that you won't be disappointed She indulges her audience to a soothing indie pop sound that will truly swoop you right off your feet. Following the release of her newest track "Futon" it's a bubbly and groovy that will get you surely get you moving. Starting the track with a upbeat sound leading onto her soft and captivating vocals. It sets a fun feeling tone that it would just be perfect for a day at the beach or just taking a drive through the city. To explain this track a bit further it's about wanting to get a certain's person attention, finding ways to get that person to notice you but he's too busy focusing on other things. It's a relatable track that i truly think people will enjoy. It's soothing, captivating and amazing go stream "Futon".